Zombies are not the only danger in post-apocalyptic Britain. Violent gangs, psychotic killers and a sinister paramilitary organisation known as the Pure Bloods make it hard to stay alive.

For Ben Smith and his adopted family, every day is a grim battle for survival. Ben used to work in the City as a banker – but now he’s the leader of a small group of survivors, determined to keep his new family alive as they seek a safe place to live in a world gone wrong.

To keep his sanity, Ben writes a heartfelt blog about his life after the zombie apocalypse. He calls it his Journal of the Living.

Journal of the Living is an action adventure novel, containing gore and violence, for fans of dystopian zombie apocalypse horror stories like The Walking Dead and Z-Nation.

This 70,000-word novel was completed in late 2015. The entire story of Ben Smith’s survival is now available as a trade paperback or Kindle ebook.


John Moralee’s author website: mybookspage.

Journal of the Living Amazon US: trade paperback version.

Journal of the Living Amazon UK: trade paperback version.

Amazon Kindle US version

Amazon Kindle UK version

Author links on Amazon:  Amazon US and Amazon UK.




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