book cover for Journal of the Living

Ben Smith is a survivor of the zombie apocalypse.

He used to work in the City as a banker – but he now leads a small group of people trying to survive in a Britain plagued by zombies and dangerous vigilante groups.

Ben tells his story in his JOURNAL OF THE LIVING.

AUTHOR’S UPDATE (8 September 2015)

This 70,000-word novel was completed in late 2015. The entire story of Ben Smith’s survival is now available as a trade paperback or Kindle ebook – but other stories will appear on this website, continuing the zombie mayhem.

The first new story – Unacceptable Losses – starts here.

This blog is a work of fiction by John Moralee (C) 2015. All rights reserved.

John Moralee’s author website: mybookspage.

Journal of the Living Amazon US: trade paperback version.

Journal of the Living Amazon UK: trade paperback version.

Amazon Kindle US version

Amazon Kindle UK version

Author links on Amazon:  Amazon US and Amazon UK.





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